Small-Scale Disaster Fund : Home-Fires

Goal: To provide ongoing one-time cash assistance to undocumented residents in Ventura and Santa Barbara County affected by Home-Fires (Small-Scale Disaster Fund) using a case referral model. 

Why does an ongoing Small-Scale Disaster Fund (Home-Fires) for undocumented residents in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties make sense? Even during a Small-Scale Disasters, many undocumented residents don’t qualify for financial assistance, unemployment, health insurance, and don’t have the basic financial needs to recover from small-scale disasters such as home-fires.

For Example: How does a home-fire affect undocumented residents: Home-Fires are the most common disaster in the US. They destroy dwelling conditions and property for a population that already experiences housing insecurity. Home-fires destroy important documents such as Identification Card, Birth Certificates, Consular Identification Card, etc. Also, it can cause the death, injury, or illness of a major breadwinner in a family unit. Lastly, it can cause economic insecurity when undocumented immigrants cannot go to the workplace due to exclusion from unemployment services, health insurance (until Medical for all kicks in 2024), as well as limited or no sick leave benefits.  

Solution: Our solution is for 805UndocuFund to have an ongoing Small-Scale Disaster Fund assistance for undocumented residents in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties affected by Home-Fires. This will work on a referral basis from trusted organizational partners.

Requirements for Applications:

  1. Undocumented or mixed-status family
  2. Resident(s) of Ventura or Santa Barbara County
  3. Affected by a Home-Fire such as:
    • Material losses (property, belongings) 
    • Human loss (loss of life of someone in your immediate family)
  4. Documents required:
    • Identification Card/Consular Identification Card
    • Proof of Address (cable bill, rent bill, car insurance, etc.)
    • Proof of images/videos of the material losses caused by the Home-Fire
  5. Referred by the trusted organizational partners.

Please email us at, if you want to partner with 805UndocuFund to refer a family/individual impacted by a Home-Fire and obtain more information.