Before disaster hits, 805 UndocuFund works with a lean team that focuses on developing community partnerships, advancing inclusive policies for immigrants in disaster, and helping shape local and state disaster planning, community preparedness, and long term recovery work.

When disaster hits, we distribute emergency one-time financial relief to undocumented residents in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, and we work with key stakeholders to share critical information with our community. Much of our work is possible thanks to the invaluable support and leadership of hundreds of bilingual and trilingual immigrant volunteers who deeply care and wish for better treatment and opportunities for their community members.

Since 2018, this grassroots disaster relief model has successfully provided trusted, linguistically and culturally competent assistance to more than 16,000 Central Coast undocumented residents. We’ve mobilized more than 800 bilingual and trilingual volunteers (English, Spanish and Mixteco) from the local immigrant community, completing nearly 7,000 volunteer hours so far.