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Event Description: The UndocuFund Summit will offer space for relationship building, sharing lessons learned in each region, identifying common long-term advocacy goals, healing, and identifying actions we can take together.  And with the continuous covid transmission along with wildfires increasing in intensity and frequency across California, leaders will explore long-term policies for the inclusion of undocumented residents in disaster mitigation, response and recovery.  Our goal is to gather organizations who provided cash assistance to undocumented workers and families during covid to come together. By doing this we hope to strengthen undocumented workers and families.

Latest Past Events

Event Description: The panelists will discuss 805 UndocuFund’s experience raising, case-managing and distributing more than $8M in one time disaster cash assistance to more than 16,0000 undocumented Central Coast residents who were ineligible for state and federal help when afectted by COVID-19, major wildfires, and the Montecito Mudslides. They will also explore how these disasters illustrate underlying socio-economic factors and larger systemic barriers that continue to affect this community before, during, and after disasters.

Event Description: 805 UndocuFund has developed a volunteer based grassroots disaster relief model. We are partnering with the American Red Cross Central Coast Region and the Oxnard Fire Department in disaster preparedness to save lives. 40% to 50% of Oxnard residents requesting appointments to get live -saving free smoke alarms provided by the Oxnard Fire Department and installed by the American Red Cross Central Coast’s Sound the Alarm program are monolingual Spanish speakers. The most common type of disaster in the Central Coast (and the country) is home fires. We look forward to helping communicate with residents in the language they’re most comfortable with about home fire safety and prevention. Community partnerships can make a huge impact on reducing injury, death, and damage caused by home fires.